By Barry Eisler, Thomas & Mercer, February 2, 2016, 1503949613

I like Barry Eisler’s books. I’ve looked at his site and Twitter feed. He seems like a good guy in general. Part of a self-publishing community, which is cool.

This is not a John Rain book. I don’t think the characters were as compelling, but it was fun enough.

[k793] The camera was the only possible evidence of any sort of foul play–the rest he had accomplished by hacking the car’s Bluetooth-accessible diagnostic system, and from there taking over whatever in the car was microprocessor controlled, otherwise known as everything. The antilock brakes and door locks were integrated with the accident-avoidance system; there was an omnidirectional microphone for hands-free cell phone use; even the steering wheel was controllable through the self-parking system.

NOTE: He goes on a bit about this type of stuff. I dont like

[k803] But now? Christ, the carmakers were practically doing his job for him.