By Joseph Flynn, Stray Dog Press, August 15, 2015, 978-0990841234

Last book in the McGill Series, and I’m kind of done. Gets a little repetitive and preachy. This is for the hardcore spy novel reader (like me :).

[k518] Truth was, in America, bloodshed was good for business. The gun business anyway.

[k2948] No civilized country would permit the recurrent slaughter of its children and other innocents.

[k5746] These days, the real money is in the federal budget, and nowhere do you find more of it than at the Pentagon.

[k5893] She filed for a copyright on the name.

NOTE: A name can be trademarked, not copyrighted. I filed a Content Error with Amazon on this. I often file typo errors, and the occasional factual error like this one. I wonder where the bug reports go.